Nutrition Programme Details

Programme details


1. Individual Personalised Programme
The length the programme depends on your health status and what you want to achieve.
Programmes range from 8 - 24 weeks and come in 3 transformation packages:

  1. Fast track intensive - silver
  2. Delve deeper - gold
  3. All embracing - platinum

The cost starts at £285 for the silver, 8 week programme, with the cost of the supplements and functional tests extra (if applicable)

GAPS Programme

2. Family Programme
The health of the whole family is an important aspect to ensure adults, children and teenagers consume the best type and quality of foods. An initial consultation will highlight the overall dietary habits from the food diaries supplied and then recommendations can be made to include if relevant: 

  •  Foods to include and reduce / eliminate
  • Swop in / swop out list
  • Store cupboard basics
  • Meal suggestions
  • Recipes
  • Resource list – books, websites

A Facebook page includes new recipes, with latest information on nutrition and lifestyle

The cost starts at £315 for a family up to 4 people, for an 8 week programme. Supplements and functional tests will not be recommended as this needs to be a personalised approach, as on the Individual Personalised Programme.

3. Other services
Nutritional MOT
A one-off consultation can be offered for those whose diet is generally good, however just the odd tweek may be required.
1.5 hours - £110. If functional tests are required, this will cost an extra £50 to review, plus the cost of the tests.

Kitchen review
It can be difficult to know where to start when reviewing foods in your kitchen, which foods to keep and which ones to bin. Before starting any new health plan, it is recommended to have a kitchen clean out so you can learn the foods that would promote good health and help in your new programme.
1 hour - £85 (dependent on location)



Personalised super combination!
Nutrition and Energy Medicine

This unique package offers all the benefits of Nutrition plus the added healing of Energy Medicine in the form of x2 Vortexhealing sessions.
Together they make an award winning combination to help restore the body to its optimal function. Receive a 20% discount off the cost of the individual healing sessions.

Nutritional Consultation options

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Disclaimer: The consultation will not provide a diagnosis of any illness or disease, if there are any serious health issues then it is recommended to visit your GP. If you wish to visit a Nutritional coach please inform your GP. All medical conditions must be disclosed on the consultation form along with all medications and questions answered truthfully.

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