Energy Medicine

Cells of the body receive and process information from our inner environment - inside our body & outer environment - outside our body, this includes thoughts, emotions, human interactions, the air we breathe, the water we drink. Some of this information may impact the cells in a negative manner causing damage. Energy though, can affect our cells in a positive manner, & with Energy Medicine this can support the body in its own natural self-healing process. This is a perfect complement to Naturopathic Nutrition, self-healing through food. Two healings are offered Vortexhealing and Crystal healing.

Supporting the Mind & body

Nourishing the mind & body through the intake of the right type of food can help to optimise the wellness of the physical body, emotional status and mental health. 

Naturopathic Nutrition aims to take a holistic view of the body in order to establish balance, and in conjunction with other practises, to re-address imbalances; on the mental level this may include headaches, poor concentration, lack of focus, stress, foggy brain, low mood as well as many other conditions.
Digestion is closely linked to mental health, so supporting both may be the ideal scenario for better health.

Family Consultations and Corporate Wellbeing Programmes available.

Harmonising the environment

The energies in our environment - our outer environment can have an effect on our health and lifestyle in both a positive and negative manner.
With the help of the ancient art of Feng Shui, we are able to help balance the energies in our home or work to create a more harmonise atmosphere. This in turn can have an effect on health, relationships & lifestyle.

Vortexhealing is the perfect tool to use for space clearing, clearing energies in the environment in a deep and profound way allowing the energy to flow freely.




Deeper and profound experience

You may be interested in one particular service, such as nutrition and want to know the type of foods that may help with your symptoms, or you may like to have a healing session where you can relax and allow the healing to unfold.

Alternatively, you may however like to take a deeper and profound route and do a combination of the two - nutrition plus healing, each service focusing on key aspects of the underlying health concern.



A unique aspect of Energy Medicine is that as well as helping to optimise the body, it can help with releasing the conditioning that can impact upon this, such as releasing mental and emotional aspects (fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy etc); which ultimately in a lot of physical conditions is the root cause.
On another level, all this supports the belief of separation; that we are separate from the Universe, Life, Divinity. 
Releasing conditioning will assist the body to find its own natural balance, to nurture its own essence, an aid in re-discovering your own truth - Self Realisation / Awakening.

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