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Looking forward to seeing a healthier and calmer YOU.


My Story

So flash back to the 90’s this was when I consciously started to take an interest in health and spirituality. Going to the gym was part of my weekend plan, nowadays we’d call it ‘weekend warrior’, I thought my diet was OK too….key word ‘thought’. Then the tipping point came when I had a healing session, more out of the fact to keep my mum quiet who insisted my sister and I try it; we have to humour our parents once in a while don’t we?
Well, there was no going back after that. I could feel the energy in my body, flowing everywhere, this sense of peace and calm started to rise naturally from somewhere deep in my body. ‘This is what I want to learn’ my inner voice said.

I had no idea I’d end up studying and teaching across a wide range of subjects all health related, but that is the path that opened up and I followed.

Perfectly imperfect…..

Even working in the health arena, and helping people I did not realise how my own health was deteriorating. There came a point when running two business & helping to support a family rapidly resulted in feelings of exhaustion, both physically and mentally; mood swings were frequent, bouts of crying and wanting to escape from it all. Studying did not help either with late nights, sleep disturbances & painful headaches. All in all everything seemed to be crashing in on me.

I had reached my limit…..

So enough was enough! I had reached my limit and decided something had to be done. Taking some time out, I addressed all areas in my life, my diet had an overhaul, I began to look at my emotions and why I feel the way I do, and made lifestyle changes that left me calmer and centred. My work then took me in some different directions.


So to the now…..

I work with people who feel something is out of balance in their lives which has resulted in a health condition, maybe due to the work/home life balance, or every day stresses, or perhaps the stress we put upon ourselves in this fast pace of life. Putting the body under stress can at some point show up as a physical symptom resulting in a physical illness such as gut issues; it may result in feelings of anxiety, perhaps panic attacks, low mood or poor sleep and surprising this can lead to weight imbalances. Perhaps lifestyle & the home or working environment is not conducive to the wellness process.

I can totally understand these symptoms and feelings, & I still eat when I’m stressed! It’s Ok to be gentle with yourself once in a while.

I am still able to run my expanding business and have time for the family from a more centred and calm place.



My Love…..

The love that I have found in life is for the Truth about life. The journey has taken me over 10 years travelling all around the world to India, USA and Europe learning from those who have tread the Awakening path before us. Following the ‘breadcrumbs’ that were sprinkled here and there, learning, discovering but most of all experiencing that which is to be experienced. For it is only when you experience something that you begin to have some level of understanding, some level of recognition of what is. I’ve found spiritual teachers who continue to guide me on the path of understanding our true selves, the spirit within as some call it; the path of awakening or self-realisation, for whom I will be forever grateful. Now it is a time to share these ‘breadcrumbs’ in The Whole Self Programme.
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 Qualifications and Experience


PTLLS Adult Education Teacher

  • Healing & Energy

    • Diploma CHF Crystal Healer

    • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

    • VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing Practitioner

    • Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher (FSSA)

  • Yoga

  • Nutrition

    • Registered Nutritional Therapist (CNM)

    • MSc Personalised Nutrition

    • Functional Medicine Practitioner AFMCP® (IFM)

British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)
Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
Feng Shui Society (FSS)

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