Nutritionist view: heal from that cold

Keep these handy remedies in your cabinet to fight off that cold, from herbs to fight the infection to supplements that help activate your own immune function. This year I did in deed get caught out with a cough and did not have any of this magical syrup to hand, but now I do. So if you don't want to get caught out like myself, take a look at these remedies & supplements and get stocking.

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Walnut & cinnamon chocolate brownie (GF, DF)

Yesterday I had a craving for a walnut chocolate browning, but could I find a gluten free, diary free recipe I liked, with no processed sugar? So I created my own and added in some cinnamon for that extra warming feeling. Soaking the dates overnight makes it easier to combine with the liquid ingredients, however dates that are not soaked adds a nice crunchy texture along with the walnuts.

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So what do Nutritionists eat?

Over the past few months I've seen articles with titles similar to 'This is what a nutritionist eats' or 'The food habits of a nutritionist' so obviously there is some general interest. I'm curious as to why there is this interest, perhaps so people can compare their food choices to that of person with knowledge of nutrition, but to what avail?

Does it make people feel inadequate when they see green smoothies for breakfast or steamed fish & veg for lunch? Perhaps they feel there is no way they can move from their current food choices to follow what someone else is eating and so do nothing at all. When something is far out of reach, the common attitude is to not try at all.


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