Attract more clients: Website Top Tips - Part 1


Learn the main top tips for maximising the potential of your website including basic search engine optimisation. The great thing is that it is easy, if I can do it so can you! Gone are the days of having static websites, a little bit of 'tender loving care' now and again can make the world of difference and keep your clients engaged. 

Having worked with Marketeers for the majority of my career I've picked up a few tips here and there covering a range of areas. This year I've begun to concentrate on my own website and it has had many changes, and no doubt more to come. I've had some excellent and valued advice from an ex Marketing Director in the Corporate world and a specialist SEO company who both have reviewed my website and have graciously shared their top tips. It can be overwhelming with people sharing their own ideas and believe me I signed up to many free webinars and I had information overload. So I went back to basics and decided to implement the recommendations as had been suggested, these small basic steps makes it more manageable. So let's begin.

Home Page
The home page has the most power, you want to include links to your other pages here, either in your navigation panel or in the body of the page. Google likes text, so you can put the main points at the top of your page and then write lots of text underneath or at the end of the page.

These are inbound links to your website from another site on the internet. They are useful to search engines as it shows the popularity of the site. However the links need to be from quality sites and it is a good idea to have about 15 backlinks. Some quality sites include company bodies that you belong to such as BANT for Nutrition, or educating authorities that promote qualified practitioners. Sign up to as many as you can and ensure you are listed on their website with your website address.

Meta description
A few lines of text that summarises the pages content, this is shown below the website address when a search is performed. Think of attractive wording that will entice a client and you may like to include a call to action - such as 'Call now for a free mini consultation'. Use words like Learn or Discover, make the description specific and relevant and don't use fluffy words.

Additional tip:
Localise website
Search engines like websites that promote local businesses, so include your town or county in the first few lines of your web pages or main pages. An example could be 'I have a thriving Nutrition practise in Surrey...'

If you produced your own website from a template, get familiar with how they manage SEO including where to update your meta descriptions. There will be help pages to show you how to do this. Otherwise, speak with your website designer for these updates.

In Part 2 we will look at some of the providers who can help you monitor your website and some websites to promote your services.