So what do Nutritionists eat?

Over the past few months I've seen articles with titles similar to 'This is what a nutritionist eats' or 'The food habits of a nutritionist' so obviously there is some general interest. I'm curious as to why there is this interest, perhaps so people can compare their food choices to that of person with knowledge of nutrition, but to what avail?

Does it make people feel inadequate when they see green smoothies for breakfast or steamed fish & veg for lunch? Perhaps they feel there is no way they can move from their current food choice to follow what someone else is eating and end up doing nothing at all. When something is far out of reach, the common attitude is to not try at all.

Then, going back to the question, it must be remembered that any one person's food choices is for them alone. Personalised nutrition is a popular and growing approach, that personalises the food choices to that particular person, and reflects that each person has a different body and different reaction to foods; this therefore helps with better results.

So what do nutritionists actually eat? It's not all green smoothies believe me. From the nutritionists I know we each have different food preferences, but generally follow a wholesome diet. Some of the most common things include:

  • A diet low in processed sugar
  • Adequate protein
  • Plenty of vegetables
  • Low processed foods
  • Adequate hydration

Any change needs to be done in small steps; so reducing the number of teaspoons of sugar in your tea will go along way to help with your health. Once accomplished you can try something else.

By all means get ideas from other diet plans, and if of interest see how you can adjust to your own liking.

~ Nurturing your true essence ~