Brain Nutrition

The brain needs proper nourishment in order to function optimally, without this the brain will start to degenerate often at first without any symptoms, however long term undernourishment will then affect the brain function. Research has shown that neural pathways can be regenerated so with the correct nourishment there may be an improvement in symptoms if not a complete reversal. 

There are three foundation blocks that all brains need:


The brain has top priority of the body's blood supply and will die if not enough oxygen is present. There may be conditions in which blood flow could be impaired such as in anaemia, low blood pressure, blood glucose imbalances, thyroid conditions and lifestyle choices including management of stress.

Up to 1/3 of the body’s glucose fuels the brain, if glucose does not reach the brain then an hypoglycaemic may arise in which you can feel spacey, light-head, slow witted. Maintaining a balance in blood sugar regulation is vital, if too much insulin and glucose is delivered to the brain this can cause damage not only to it but the circulatory system too. In fact scientists for many years now have classified Alzheimer's disease as Type 3 Diabetes, in which insulin resistance occurs from eating too many carbohydrates and sugar and not enough fat.

World renowned American physician, Director of the Cleveland Clinic in US, and Chairman of the Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as nine time #1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr Mark Hyman states:  

The underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease begin with too much sugar on the brain. The cycle starts when we over-consume sugar and don’t eat enough fat, which leads to diabesity. Diabesity leads to inflammation, which creates a vicious cycle that wreaks havoc on your brain.

From a functional medicine point of view, addressing the root of the problem is the first step rather than addressing the symptoms, which in the long term will not help the underlying condition.


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