Client comments


‘Most Powerful…’

‘It made such a difference…’


‘Fantastic Workshops….’

I have had several distant healing sessions from Nuala for different reasons: back problems, fatigue, stress, etc. I always feel so much better afterwards, and I actually feel my body repairing itself for several days, even several weeks after. I have had distant healing before from other people, but Nuala's healing is by far the most powerful I have ever experienced.
- Isabelle, California -
(Isabelle also saidMy chiropractor said that my body is responding well and fast to the healing and my progress is amazing, almost like a miracle’)

Yoga Nidra

After a shock recently I had a distant session of Yoga Nidra with Nuala. She spoke to me about my intention & guided me to find the right words that fitted with my feelings, I forgot that I was reciving her instrustions via the telephone she felt in the room with me, I felt held and nurtured though out the session.

It made such a difference to my energy that I went from feeling I would not be able to cope with the situation in my life, to able to let go of the outcome & relax into what will be will be.

I recommend Nuala and I certainly felt nurtured.
- Karen, Sussex -

Yoga Nidra
Nuala has run 3 fantastic workshops for staff at EDMI Hook, the feedback given from employees was so positive we have asked her back for monthly sessions. I think Nuala’s professional background teamed with her expert knowledge of the Yoga Nidra technique have enabled our staff to get immense value from the sessions for both work life and personal life.
The sessions are easy to incorporate into the working day giving staff that much needed break away from their desks and screens, reducing stress and increasing focus and productivity.
- EDMI, Surrey -