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Common Questions
How long do I need to do the programme for?

The most popular length is 3 months, this allows for deeper and profound healing, although 1 month option is given too. There is the option of extending 1 or 3 months at a time.

How many sessions are there in this 3 months?
1 x Full consultation
3 x mini follow up nutritional consultations of 20-30 mins (monthly)
3 x check-in of 15 mins (fortnightly)
3 x Vortexhealing® Divine Energy Healing sessions of 75 mins (monthly)
3 x Yoga Nidra sessions of 30-45 mins (monthly)


‘Now this is personalised medicine’


Is this be in person or working at a distance with you?
This will be a combination of both and to be agreed with you

This looks a great programme, how much will the investment be?

Option 1 - Yoga Nidra & Vortexhealing
The 3 month programme is worth £465, however

Special offer of £425 saving of £40

The 1 month programme is worth £155, however

Special offer of £145 saving of £10

Option 2 - Yoga Nidra & Vortexhealing & Nutrition
The 3 month programme is worth £1095, however

Special offer of £865 saving of £230

The 1 month programme is worth £505, however

Special offer of £450 saving of £55

As you can see it is more economical to do a 3 month programme

This investment is worth it isn’t it?
Yes, remember you are investing in yourself. Your body has taken time to reach the condition it is in, what value would you put on your health to start to see some results? Perhaps you have been feeling ill for many months or perhaps years, now is the time to make some health changes, that allows you to do the things perhaps you are unable to do currently.
Lots of research has been conducted on the mind - body connection and to see through any false beliefs, transforming the energy, leaving you from a more centred, balanced and healthy state. It is the body that is doing the healing, we are giving it the tools to do this.
Look at the research that has been conducted on it. - COMING SOON on website

Whole Self programme


Do you offer a payment schedule?
Payment can either be made up front in full before the first session, or half up front with the remaining half 2 weeks later.

Is Feng Shui included?
Of course the surroundings in which we live is conducive to health, and that is where Feng Shui comes in. This is an optional feature at a special discounted rate when added onto this Whole Self Programme, this will be discussed at the beginning of the programme.

How do I sign up?
Let’s have a chat first, as I’d like to get a better understanding of your condition and the reason behind the programme. Then we can arrange the times to meet with follow up appointments.

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