Join us for Yoga Nidra, at G Live, London Road, Guildford - 30th March 19

Join us for a spectacular Yoga Nidra session at this years
G Live Wellness Day, 30th March 19.
London Road, Guildford, Surrey


Nourishing your life with nutritious foods,
healthy lifestyle & a curiosity of life

You deserve great health & that includes a healthy brain, with an abundance of energy, and full enjoyment of life.  
Nurturing your true essence is to nourish your body, mind and spirit so to provide you with the quality of life you want. You deserve.  


How I can help you

As a registered nutritional therapist, energy worker and yoga teacher, I've a passion for helping others on their wellness journey. I understand that life sometimes throws things at us unexpectedly, accidents and illnesses do happen, and we can feel in despair with no clear direction. This is where I can help, providing guidance and motivation on good food choices that can help nourish the body & give it the nutrients it needs to function properly, energy work that can help with the rebalancing & healing, also Yoga/Yoga Nidra that helps on so many levels, so see how Nutrition, Vortexhealing, Yoga / Yoga Nidra and Feng Shui can support your life.


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Ultimately you are unfolding, re-discovering & nurturing your true essence

The brain produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience; is it no wonder that we need to keep it in top condition. There is a trend in waiting until a person has a diagnosis before implementing a brain health regime, however damage has often occurred many years before. Considering there is a gut-brain connection any condition experience in the gut can have a likely effect on the brain and vice versa. Implementing an easy, simple health regime that is not only good for your brain but your whole body can help to improve your overall health status.


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