Nutritional Therapy
Nutrients are the building blocks of not only good health, but great health. Every single cell of the body needs to have the correct nutrients in order to develop, grow and heal.
So foods will support the body's own natural self healing process; however health is much more than the absence of an illness or ailment, it is about the ability to provide the body with the nutrients it needs for cellular repair and growth, this includes brain health. Health is also about having abundant energy, ability to relax & of course to joy life.
The body needs nutrients in order to function properly; If diets are lacking in some of the nutrients, or bioavailability of nutrients is poor, then the self-healing process may take longer, it can progress further into illnesses such as chronic disease conditions perhaps diabetes, metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, high glucose levels, excess body fat and high fat), autoimmune conditions and also can promote accelerated ageing.


The Nutritionist that provides a Personalised Programme
It is wonderful that each individual is unique, each responds differently to certain circumstances and will produce different responses. Foods too will promote different reactions in people, so with Naturopathic Nutrition, the aim is to consider each person uniquely, with each plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Using a systems biology approach to review all components of health has proven to be effective and the future of medicine. A 'one-fit' approach which is typical of most diet & lifestyle does not take into account the individual and so often only produces short term results. The term used to describe this method of working is Functional Medicine.


Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine seeks to identify & address the root causes of disease conditions, and views the body as one integrated system, rather than a collection of independent organs. It treats the whole system, not just the symptoms. Functional Medicine addresses the person, personalising to your own individual needs & requirements. This is the future of medicine & it is happening now.

Functional Diagnostic

Diagnostic Testing is one method of assessing a patients health status, what is happening at this moment in time in the body. Together with food & lifestyle it can be used as a guide in helping to predict the likelihood of a system that is perhaps not working quite so well and further action is required. Today’s world is about optimal health, what can we do now to maintain good health now.
Diagnostic testing can involve blood, urine or stool samples and I have access to some of the most advanced tests worldwide.

Functional Self

Functional means an activity or purpose, and my purpose is to guide you on your health journey. Walking the path alongside you, supporting you along the way. Together we will set goals and work through any pain barriers, going at your own pace that fits in with your life & family & you may get the odd little push from me to keep you on track. We will put in a plan that you find exciting & enjoyable to do.


A variety of Programmes Personalised to you

The most common health complaints include low energy levels, gut symptoms and mental activity including stress and relaxation,
however since these plans are personalised they are adapted to your specific health concern.


Health Assessment

1 month programme



3 month programme


Ultimate Nourish

6 month programme


Health Programmes

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Data Protection - All data will be kept confidential for the purpose of the consultation and any offers on nutrition and lifestyle. Data will not be passed onto third party companies unless expressed in the privacy policy and terms & conditions. Third party diagnostic companies will be privacy to the data.