On-line Study Courses

These on-line study programmes have been put together to provide people with an understanding of how nutrition can support their health condition, along with the tools to assist in the self-healing process, and this includes an understanding of how lifestyle can impact upon health.


On-line '6 week' programme: OPTIMISING 'MEMORY'

 Do you want better short term memory? Are you worried about members in your family and the genetic link?
The first programme will look at memory, how memory may be improved and how the degeneration can be slowed down.

You will have an understanding of:

  • Brain anatomy
  • The functions of each lobe of the brain
  • The lobe responsible for memory
  • Neuroplasticity, neurogenesis & neurodegeneration
  • How genetics and epigenetic are involved
  • The link between the gut and the brain
  • What impacts upon poor brain health
  • The food to stay way from
  • The key nutrients your brain needs
  • The lifestyle factors that helps support brain function

You will receive:

  • Weekly recorded on-line presentations
  • Weekly guide & worksheets
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Private group Facebook page
  • Group healings
  • Meditation session