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Whole Self Programme


“When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result”

- Deepak Chopra -


NEW clients come to see me when they have tried many things & say ……

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This is because they need something deeper, something all encompassing
to enable the body to self-heal
It is the Body + Mind + Spirit combination

Have you heard that healing takes place on all levels, the physical, the mind (thoughts & emotions) and spiritual; that is why it is said that harmony occurs, in other words healing when conditioning has been cleared or seen through from these levels. You see that you are not the conditioning.

What is conditioning?
Conditioning is anything that alters the natural state of being. In simple terms think of air conditioning that alters the temperature of the air, hair conditioner that alters the softness of the hair. They may seem to give us better results, but in the long term can affect us, we need fresh natural air etc. Conditioning can arise as thoughts about ourselves which we believe to be true such as: I am unworthy, I am a disappointment, I am a failure.
It can stem from learnt behaviour, genetic coding, past experiences, and can trigger a response whether we are aware of it or not. If we hold onto these thoughts, these feelings, have an attachment to them, then at some point these become so ingrained into our systems that they effect how we are. In addition, when conditioning is ready to be seen, life will show you, life will give you experiences so you can realise what you are holding onto.

So we know conditioning can affect the physical body, and it can also effect our energetic bodies (mental, emotional etc), the chakras, energetic pathways and other energetic components of our system. The environment we live in will also have an effect such as the amount and quality of sunlight, how much sleep we get, the food we eat, the area in which we live, and exercise we take, are just some examples.

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Wondered why the doctor says ‘bed rest’, it’s because we do our healing when the body is relaxed. So we need to incorporate routines into our lives that relax us.
Think Yoga Nidra - the sleep based guided meditation.
When the body is relaxed, organs take care of functions such as digestion of meals, converting blood sugars for long-term storage, and moving nutrients to cells while moving waste away. Under stressful conditions these functions are impacted. So as well as healing, consuming the right type of food can help with relaxation of muscles and nervous system.
Think wholesome diet - the body’s building blocks for cellular repair, growth & healing.
Then we have all the different types of conditioning that can affect our mental function, emotions and physical body. Vortexhealing ® Divine Energy Healing is a deep healing tool that uses divine light and consciousness to bridge deep in the root of conditions, into the thought patterns and emotions.
Think healing - helps with relaxation, transforms root of conditioning and promotes healing.

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Question: You’ve spoken about the Body & Mind, so where does Spirit come in?
Answer: When you begin to clear the conditioning, when you begin to see you are not your thoughts, then you reveal a side to you that you’ve never noticed before. You may experience this as being more loving, caring, able to speak the truth, thoughtful, peaceful……

How exactly does this work with some examples…..let’s take a look.


Consultation - Comes in with digestive issues, they have had issues with lack of emotional support as a child & feel anxious when stressed.
Review - A stressed system will cause muscles to contract and digestion slows down, the sacral chakra is responsible for digestion and lack of nourishment; it is the chakra for emotional connectiveness.
Solution - Using the combination of Yoga Nidra to relax the body, Vortexhealing to clear conditioning in the chakra (as well as other chakras that can hold it & other areas), then food to support the healing of the digestive system.


Consultation - A single father comes in with tiredness, restless legs and headaches
Review - Tiredness can be caused by numerous factors, over exhaustion can impact on the adrenal glands and mitochondria (makes ATP energy), tightness in the body can result in switching muscles.
Solution - Using the combination fo Yoga Nidra to relax the mind & body, Vortexhealing to clear conditioning in the nervous system, energetic bodies, 1st chakra which can be associated with physical vitality & base of skull, then food to support with the relaxation of the muscles and nervous system, as well as nutrients to support the adrenals. Lifestyle management to maintain & support healing.

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The Whole Self Programme will give you:

  • A tailored personalised programme to your individual needs & requirements

  • Full support by a professional consultant

  • A range of therapies for deeper healing

  • A consultant with the necessary skills & experience to help you

  • Simplicity & ease of implementation

  • An enjoyable experience, going at your own pace



Since we are all unique with different health circumstances and health goals, I’ve put together various options that will benefit everyone.

OPTION 1 - Nutritional programme PLUS Vortexhealing

  • Transformational Programme for 3 months includes Nutrition Programme & 3 Vortexhealing sessions

  • Basic Programme for 1 month includes Nutritional Programme & 1 Vortexhealing session

OPTION 2 - Yoga Nidra PLUS Vortexhealing PLUS Nutrition combined

  • Transformational Programme for 3 months includes 3 Yoga Nidra & 3 Vortexhealing session & Nutrition Programme

  • Basic Programme for 1 month includes 1 Yoga Nidra & 1 Vortexhealing session & Nutrition Programme

OPTION 3 - Mix & Match to your personal needs



You will receive on the Whole Self Programme

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The Transformational Programme is the most popular and there is good reason why….

- Feel totally relaxed in the 3x Yoga Nidra guided meditations, much needed in our busy lives - TOTAL PEACE & CALM JUST FOR YOU

- Feel the body ready to self-heal with 3x Vortexhealing sessions, allowing the penetrating energy to go where it needs to

- Then feel fully supported by Nutritional consultations 6x meetings to chat about how you have been and the foods & lifestyle to support you where you are at now

- Now this sounds good, because this is all about YOU -


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