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The Whole Self Programme


“When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result”

- Deepak Chopra -

The basis of the Whole Self Programme explores the connections between the physical & energetic bodies, emotions, thoughts and more. This programme is for those who wish to explore a deeper level of healing, a more profound level, homing in on the root cause, the triggers and how to make better, make whole. It is about unveiling, seeing through why the body is in a state of imbalance, a state of illness, & the thoughts and emotions that are connected to it.
It does not stop there, there is something else to consider, the spirit, the awareness that you are, that we all are. It is about being able to recognise this, acknowledge it, feel it and then act from that place of wholeness, with truth & love; another name for this is the Awakening Journey. When you begin to clear the conditioning, when you begin to see you are not your thoughts, then you reveal a side to you that you’ve never noticed before. You may experience this as being more loving, caring, able to speak from a place of truth, being thoughtful, feeling more peaceful……

Do you have a curiosity for life?

A curiosity of …

  • why you may not be healing as quickly as you hoped?

  • of the connection between the body and mind?

  • of who, what you are? What life is about?

Do you feel there is something else in life, but you have not been able to put your finger on it?
Perhaps you don’t know where to start in your healing & awakening journey.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then The Whole Self programme is the one for you

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Welcome to The Whole Self Programme

I’m Nuala Hume, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, and owner of Nurture with Nuala; the aim is to provide a guiding light to people who may be in the dark regarding their wellness and also their spiritual journey.
The extensive training over the past 20 years in multiple modalities has led me to sharing my top 3 favourite passions - Nutrition, Healing and Yoga Nidra, a complete healing package wrapped up nicely. Now who does not like a nice present?
I had also been on the spiritual search for about half of those years, travelling worldwide, frequently to India, USA and Europe, meeting and learning from those who had an Awakening. Now the search has stopped, the greatest of all teachers lies inside, and life experiences which it is constantly revealing to you, if we care to stop & listen.
I want to share with you the knowledge & experience that has been found over these years, share insights and golden nuggets of information that can help now & you may take away to explore further.



So what is impacting on our health, what is conditioning us?
So you can see that healing; bringing yourself back into harmony; bringing yourself back to a place of truth takes place on multiple levels. It is when conditioning has been seen through, been acknowledged & transformed that healing is noticeable. In addition, space opens up and you may notice more & more that you are not the conditioning; there is something else within your grasp.

Conditioning is anything that alters the natural state of being. In simple terms think of air conditioning that alters the temperature of the air, hair conditioner that alters the softness of the hair. They may seem to give us better results, but in the long term can affect us, we need fresh natural air etc. Conditioning can arise as thoughts about ourselves which we believe to be true such as: I am unworthy, I am a disappointment, I am a failure.
It can stem from as an example learnt behaviour, genetic coding, past experiences, and can trigger a response whether we are aware of it or not. If we hold onto these thoughts, these feelings, have an attachment to them, then at some point these become so ingrained into our systems that they effect how we are. In addition, when conditioning is ready to be seen, life will show you, life will give you experiences so you can realise what you are holding onto, and make changes if you so wish.
So we know conditioning can affect the physical body, and it can also effect our energetic bodies (mental, emotional etc), the chakras, energetic pathways and other energetic components of our system. The environment we live in will also have an effect such as the amount and quality of sunlight, how much sleep we get, the food we eat, the area in which we live, and exercise we take, are just some examples.

The Whole Self Programme consists of 3 sections


- Relaxation - Healing - Nutrition -

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’

Why do these 3 modalities work well together? Let’s find out…….

  1. Relaxation - Yoga Nidra
    Wondered why the doctor says ‘bed rest’, it’s because we do our healing when the body is relaxed, when it is rested. In this state the immune system is able to work more effectively, in fact it is the body that is self-healing itself, all we are doing is giving it the tools into order to do this. So we need to incorporate routines into our lives that relax us. Yoga Nidra is a sleep based guided meditation, that works with a sankalpa, an intention for that session that penetrates deep into our conscious, subconscious, unconscious minds bringing forth a new way of being; planting the seed of change. Do not under estimate the power of an Intention, since remarkable healings have taken place when the right Intention has been set.

  2. Healing
    So once the body and mind has experienced a Yoga Nidra session, we can move onto the next stage which is healing. We all have different types of conditioning that can affect our mental function, emotions and physical body. Vortexhealing ® Divine Energy Healing is a deep healing tool that uses divine light and consciousness to bridge deep in the root of conditions, into the thought patterns and emotions. This in turn can help to release, to transform what ever is impacting upon our systems, whatever we are holding onto tightly, into more space, more freedom, better health.
    Vortexhealing will help with relaxation, transforms root of conditioning and promotes healing on all levels.

  3. Nutrition & Lifestyle
    So we can have many Yoga Nidra sessions and Healing sessions, which will no doubt help, however if we don’t change what we are putting into our body or that which surrounds our body, including our external environment then our bodies still will be under stress and conditions may arise again. Having the right dietary plan that suits you & your lifestyle, a personal plan that is easy to follow will provide many benefits. We know by now the importance of relaxation, reducing our stress loads, but did you know that consuming the right type of food can help with relaxation too?
    When the body is relaxed, organs take care of functions such as digestion of meals, converting food for energy and moving nutrients to cells while moving waste away. Under stressful conditions these functions are impacted.
    A wholesome food plan is the body’s building blocks for cellular repair, growth & healing.

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How exactly does this work with some examples…..let’s take a look *


Consultation - Comes in with digestive issues, they have had issues with lack of emotional support as a child & feel anxious when stressed.
Review - A stressed system will cause muscles to contract and digestion slows down, the sacral chakra is responsible for digestion and lack of nourishment; it is the chakra for emotional connectiveness.
Solution - Using the combination of Yoga Nidra to relax the body, Vortexhealing to clear conditioning in the chakra (as well as other chakras that can hold it & other areas), then food to support the healing of the digestive system.


Consultation - A single father comes in with tiredness, restless legs and headaches
Review - Tiredness can be caused by numerous factors, over exhaustion can impact on the adrenal glands and mitochondria (makes ATP energy), tightness in the body can result in switching muscles.
Solution - Using the combination fo Yoga Nidra to relax, healing to clear conditioning in the nervous system, energetic bodies, 1st chakra which can be associated with physical vitality & base of skull, then food to support with the relaxation of the muscles & nervous system, as well as nutrients to support the adrenals.


Sounds amazing right?
Find out more how this programme can help you



The Whole Self Programme will give you:

  • A tailored personalised programme to your individual needs & requirements

  • Full support by a professional consultant

  • A range of therapies for deeper healing

  • A consultant with the necessary skills & experience to help you

  • Simplicity & ease of implementation

  • An enjoyable experience, going at your own pace

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In addition…….

You will receive The Whole Self Programme manual, for you to record your own
progress and guide you through each area providing useful tips and key information

What are the benefits of The Whole Self Programme?

  • A complete programme for the body, mind & spirit all in one convenient place with the same person. All therapies complement each other and will build upon each other providing a deeper level of healing.

Look at the benefits of each offering - YOGA NIDRA - VORTEXHEALING - NUTRITION

  • The ability to dedicate time to self-healing, time for relaxation, time for YOU

  • Each offering (therapy) can provide space for clarity regarding an issue or ailment, this moment of clarity is a healing in itself and can filter down onto the body level

  • A personal Sankalpa (Intention) will be used specifically designed for you, to aid healing & doorway into deeper realisations

  • The ability to allow the body & mind to relax, to release tension & surrender to something else, something that cannot be described. For it is when surrender happens that true transformation takes place

  • To play a conscious role in the healing journey; surrender does not mean not to do anything at all, we need to take action to help with transformations. By taking an interest in this programme you are demonstrating some form of action

  • You will be able to use the information after the programme for your continuing journey





·       The Whole Self Programme manual

·       3 x Yoga Nidra sessions

·       Construction of the Sankalpa for Yoga Nidra sessions

·       3 x Vortexhealing sessions

·       Feedback after each healing session

·       1 x full Nutritional consultation

·       Review of current diet & new plan

·      Review calls: support & guidance on healing progress

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Interested in this life changing programme….

  • If you are give me a call to discuss and we can chat how it can help

  • Have a look at the frequently asked questions

  • Then let’s schedule in the programme time and begin to start your healing journey

 * This website & programme contains general information on health matters, it does not look to diagnose conditions and referrals are to be made to GP’s for such. There is no guarantee of any outcomes and any information presented here is just for example purposes. Personalised plans are constructed with the individual in mind and may be different from the examples presented.