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I have a thriving healing practise in UK, specifically in Surrey and also see a variety of people from London as well as the home counties of Hampshire and Berkshire. People who are unable to travel or live further afield including other countries may like the fact that the healing can be done remotely from the comfort of their own homes.

What is Vortexhealing®?

VortexHealing is an ancient healing art dating back thousands of years. It is designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, healing the physical body, and awaken freedom within the human heart.

Therefore, in simple terms VortexHealing is able to: assist with Self Realisation and optimise wellness

This healing works with divine light and consciousness, bridging Source into the roots of issues. VortexHealing clears the deepest levels of a persons conditioning and gives space for the person to awaken to their true potential.

When talking about health, conditioning in simple terms is anything which is not natural, and prevents the real us from being shown including health. Take for example air conditioning, this is a system to cool the air, it is false in that it is not allowing the natural state of the air to be felt. Another example is hair conditioner, this adds softness and shine to our hair, so not it's natural state at that time.
The cool air and the softness of the hair may feel nice, but it is not the true state at that time.
So conditioning can also be referred to in terms of emotions: anger, jealousy, sadness, annoyance, frustration and so forth, and it is natural to have emotions, however when the emotions are held so deep and so strong, they can then begin to affect the physical body. You may notice the body become tense, emotions suddenly arise, explosions may occur or you may constantly feel the emotion or talk about a situation for days on end.
Healing can help to release the conditioning, so you feel a sense of peace, balance and are able to move on from that situation; this then helps with healing of the physical body that may be impacted by such emotions or indeed thoughts.



What are some of the delights Vortexhealing can help with?


  • Vitality
  • Strengthen energy system
  • Relaxation

Emotions & Mental activity

  • Range of emotions
  • Beliefs & thoughts
  • Mind relaxation
  • Focus, clarity & concentration


  • Grounding & connection
  • Re-balance of life
  • Re-occuring life patterns

Physical aspects

  • Infections
  • Epigenetics
  • Allergies & sensitivities
  • Energising or relaxing of the physical form - includes other energetic bodies such as the mental layer
  • Help to provide focus, clarity and concentration
  • Strengthening a weak energy system - to support stressful periods and periods of exhaustion
  • Optimising organ and system function - such as detoxification system
  • Realising & then releasing unwanted thought patterns, mind or body fixations, habits & beliefs
  • Relaxing the mind which can assist with mindfulness & meditation and letting go of 'monkey mind'
  • Harmonising of emotions & feelings - such as low mood, impatience, frustration, apathy, anger etc.
  • Patterns in general - such as falling into the same type of relationship 
  • Optimising other parts of the energy system - such as meridian system, jin shin system and chakras 
  • Releasing conditioning that may impact on the epigenetic level, how the genes are expressed

Now take a look at how epigenetics can be influenced with Vortexhealing and how it may support your condition.




Although genes cannot be altered, the way they are expressed can be. Epigenetics changes from external sources (and also internal sources) can switch genes on or off and determine which proteins are transcribed. Changes in gene expression in the epigenetic layer of genes is a regular and natural occurrence, happening all the time. We now know that we can communicate with our genes not only through lifestyle choices and nutrition but also through emotions, these can cause epigenetic changes and gene expression, therefore promoting healthy cells or cellular apoptosis (death) resulting in illness such as Alzheimer's Disease. Vortexhealing can help clear the epigenetic layer of genes, using a technique called Genetic modification. Learn more about genes.

Programmes & Prices

These personalised programmes are specific to the individual, since each person has different emotions, feelings and of course body. There are numerous programmes available and special offers, suitable for all.

  • Individual sessions
  • Nutrition and Vortexhealing Programme
  • Genetic sessions - special offer
  • Block sessions - special offer
  • Group sessions

 Check out the various programme details

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