Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art dating back 4000 years. It is now practiced all over the world and enables us to identify and interpret the surroundings in which we live, in order for us to live in balance and harmony.

When we live in harmony we create healthy relationships, bring in abundance, improve creativity, increase physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Gardens support healthy plants and attract wildlife, businesses may see an improvement in reputation and attract the right kind of customers.

When is it a good time to look into Feng Shui?

Feng Shui may be of help to you if you

  • Are experiencing poor communication between family members or people in your household

  • Are having arguments or disagreements

  • Feel your life is lacking love, from partner, friends, family ….

  • Have health issues that cannot be explained or taking long time to heal

  • Can sense the space is sometimes 'thick' & 'heavy' and needs to be cleared

  • The balance between work and home life is uneven

  • Are constantly stuggling with the same patterns in life, such as money or work worries



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You will receive

  • Evaluation of outside the property, key features which are suited to the left, right, front and back of the property

  • Understand which areas inside the property relate to each person. As such if a family lives in a house, you will find out where each family member will feel more comfortable and energy balanced. If the youngest son is having issues at school, moving his bedroom to the area in which is suited to the youngest son may help with the energy around him and support him

  • An understanding of key features for the house in that year, for main compass directions. As such where the sickness area is, or which area you need to be more careful in, like accidents, just for that year

  • Key areas that relate to the 5 elements, Fire, Wood, Air, Water, Metal and recommended changes as to support these areas and not drain the energy

  • There will be other recommendations and tips



The uniqueness I offer in consultations

I studied the classical art of Feng Shui and have been a consultant for many years, trained by a teacher of Grand Master Chan. As well as the practical side of this art, which is more than moving of furniture as some still associate it, I have developed or rather it came to me, the ability to sense the energy in the place. I associate this with practice of energy techniques as well as in the quietness of meditation, these along with Grace has blessed me with an intuitive ability. This is the uniqueness that I bring to the consultations.

Did you know that energetically, emotions or events that have happened in the space are imprinted into the building, in the walls, ceiling, furniture and objects that can affect the people in the building. In Feng Shui the energies are finely tuned to create an environment that is balanced with yin and yang energies, together with the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood, so to create a harmonising space. 

I will use powerful energetic techniques as well as the classical Feng Shui elements of External and Internal form - The Five Elements - Yeun Hom flying stars - Yearly stars - Bagua - Geopathic stress (extra) - Space clearing (extra)


What happens in a consultation?

  • A discussion is held with you to understand the concerns you have with your home, business or relationships. This brief will be used as the basis for the on-site consultation.

  • You will provide a floor map of the ground floor of the property, which is required for first day of the consultation

  • A walk through of the property detailing any likes / dislikes / home improvements

  • I will then using specific formulas and the complex Lou pan (Chinese compass) make the calculations & write up the findings

  • Then we will have another walk round the property where I explain the recommendations

  • A summary report is presented on site

  • The full report is e-mailed a few days after


Further details….

The consultation usually lasts about 2-2.5 hours on site, with another hour back in the office, excluding travel time.
Due to the size and location of the property the prices vary, so please call for a free chat and quotation