Naturopathic Nutrition


Foods will support the body's own natural self healing process; however health is much more than the absence of an illness or ailment, it is about the ability to provide the body with the nutrients it needs for cellular repair and growth, this includes brain health. Health is also about having abundant energy, ability to relax & of course to joy life.
The body needs nutrients in order to function properly; If diets are lacking in some of the nutrients, or bioavailability of nutrients is poor, then the self-healing process may take longer or can progress further into illness.

The Personalised Programme
It is wonderful that each individual is unique, each responds differently to certain circumstances and will produce different responses. Foods too will promote different reactions in people, so with Naturopathic Nutrition, the aim is to consider each person uniquely, with each plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Using a systems biology approach to review all components of health has proven to be effective and the future of medicine. A 'one-fit' approach which is typical of most diet & lifestyle does not take into account the individual and so often only produces short term results.

  • Programmes using the Functional Medicine approach looking at the whole person:


      • This programme is ideal for those who want to 'delve deeper' into their health and have regular support over the period. Conditions may have been going on for a number of months or years and so require a more longer term approach


      • Mental health - a programme to help you cope with stress better, balance moods & promote relaxation

      • Vitality - feelings of exhaustion can be due to depleted energy through various factors, this programme can help to restore your energy

      • Gut healing - gut symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, food allergies & sensitivities, or even poor skin or sleep disturbances, it could all be down to your gut

      • Other programmes on offer such as weight management


Whats included in the programme?

Depending on the length of programme:

  • Initial Consultation - 90 minutes

  • Follow up consultations & or

  • Mini progress calls - 15 mins

  • E-mail support - 20 mins max

  • Food diary analysis

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Supplemental plan

  • Current medical and nutrient interaction (if applicable)

  • Recommendation on functional tests and interpretation

What happens in a session?

  • Prior to meeting, a consultation form will be filled in and returned.

  • During a friendly, warm chat for 1.5-2 hours we will go through your case, reviewing the symptoms including pain, medical and family history, current diet and lifestyle.

  • The nutrition & lifestyle plan will be sent to you and it may contain some recommended supplements and diagnostic testing.

  • We will have further weekly or bi-weekly calls depending on the programme selected.



"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in
getting well.”
- Hippocrates -



Further details….

  • 3 month programme will start at £630 (discounted from £1,070)

  • 1 month programme will start at £350

  • 1 individual session £110

    All costs excluding supplements and testing


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Data Protection - All data will be kept confidential for the purpose of the consultation and any offers on nutrition and lifestyle. Data will not be passed onto third party companies unless expressed in the privacy policy and terms & conditions. Third party diagnostic companies will be privacy to the data.