Whole Self Programme



“When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result”

- Deepak Chopra -


Revolutionise your health with these programmes which will support all areas of wellness, from emotional to mental to physical.
If you are dedicated to having the best health possible, then look no further than these programmes.


Whole Self Programme

This programme includes wonderful combinations of: Vortexhealing® Divine Energy Healing, Yoga Nidra & Nutrition.

When physical symptoms start to show, the body has been under stress for a period of time and underlying this will be an emotion and feeling. Tackling the root of the condition will then naturally allow the physical body to heal on a cellular and emotional level. If the physical symptoms are only investigated then the body may heal for a short period of time but then conditions can come back.

We need to investigate the root cause and work with that.

Why this combination?
Vortexhealing is a deep healing tool that uses divine light and consciousness to bridge deep in the root of conditions, into the thought patterns and emotions.
With Yoga Nidra you are allowing your body to enter into the parasympathetic state, which is responsible for healing, nourishment and regeneration of the body. Both combinations work well together along with good food. The body’s building blocks for cellular repair, growth & healing is food.

So can you see we are working on all the levels of our true self, our emotions, thoughts, feelings as well as the physical body; total Mind - Body - Spirit connection.

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‘It is like a dripping tap, it is no good mopping up the water, you need to turn off the tap’

‘Moving yourself into a healthy parasympathetic state, and staying there as much of the time as possible, helps heal all health conditions, both physical and emotional ones as well.’ Dr Wilson


Mix and match

This programme includes combinations of:
Vortexhealing, Yoga Nidra, Nutrition and Feng Shui
When you book any of the offerings you will automatically receive 10% off the less value of any 2nd session.
Example: When you book 3 month nutritional programme and Vortexhealing, you will automatically get 10% off the healing session.

Let’s mix things up a bit….with a 10% discount


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