Nurture with Nuala

Allowing the real you to shine through


“Real transformation requires real honesty, let’s be real about it”

- Nuala -

- Nutrition & Lifestyle consultant -



To provide a real and honest outlook on health conditions. Revive the healthier, calmer you with nutritious food, supporting with energy work (Vortexhealing® Divine Energy Healing) to focus the healing deeper. Yoga Nidra for relaxation to allow the body to self-heal. Lastly Feng Shui to harmonise your surroundings.

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Thought about digging deeper into the root of your condition? Why one individual change may not encompass ALL that needs to be made whole?
Then you make like to take advantage of the ‘All inclusive WHOLE YOU programme’.


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First, have a look at the offerings, and see what resonates with you. Then we can arrange a call to chat & see how we can work at helping with your condition. Last, don’t forget to claim your free tip sheet.


Since I know how important it is to relax the body and mind, I’ve produced an audio on Yoga Nidra a 15 minutes guided meditation. Head over to the Yoga Nidra page for the download. PLUS I’d like to share an e-book on Brain Health. I studied Functional Neurology and have put together these easy tips you can do today. Claim this gift below and on the Nutrition page.


Let’s have a chat as I’d like to get to know you and how the offerings can help.

Want to know more about special offers and events then let’s stay in touch



“The Yoga Nidra session with Nuala was amazing, I’ve never felt so calm & relaxed” - D. Ebsworth, Surrey

“Personal power is the ability to take ACTION”

- Tony Robbins -

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