Deeper and profound experience

You may be interested in one particular service, such as nutrition and want to know the type of foods that may help with your symptoms, or you may like to have a healing session where you can relax and allow the healing to unfold.

Alternatively, you may however like to take a deeper and profound route and do a combination of the two or three - nutrition, yoga nidra & healing, each service focusing on key aspects of the underlying health concern.



A unique aspect of Energy Medicine is that as well as helping to optimise the body, it can help with releasing the conditioning that can impact upon this, such as releasing mental and emotional aspects (fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy etc); which ultimately in a lot of physical conditions is the root cause.
On another level, all this supports the belief of separation; that we are separate from the Universe, Life, Divinity. 
Releasing conditioning will assist the body to find its own natural balance, to nurture its own essence, an aid in re-discovering your own truth - Self Realisation / Awakening.


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