Nurture with Nuala


 Vortexhealing® Divine Energy Healing


VortexHealing is an ancient healing art dating back thousands of years. It is designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, healing the physical body, and awaken freedom within the human heart.

Therefore, in simple terms VortexHealing is able to: assist with Self Realisation and optimise wellness

Some of the delights Vortexhealing is able to help with:

  • Energy system - perhaps feeling tired or frequent low energy levels

    • Helps with vitality, strengthening the system but also with relaxation

  • Emotions & Mental activity - that jumping mind

    • Provides focus, clarity and concentration, balances mood, uncovers beliefs and thought patterns that can keep us stuck in certain positions, targets the root cause of suffering

  • Re-connecting to life

    • Rebalance of life, grounds us in the now, integrates changes that has happened in our lives

  • Physical aspects

    • Environmental sensitivities, optimising systems such as circulation system, immune (infections), detoxification, cellular healing, cellular memory, shock, trauma

    A great complement to Yoga Nidra since Vortexhealing as well is able to:

  • Assist in releasing samskara’s (mental groves) which are repetitive thoughts or habits that deepen overtime creating these groves. These impressions can cause negative reactions in the body & mind. Helping to let go of these allows a new way of being to arise.

  • Act as a pathway to freedom (liberation / awakening), this includes releasing samskara’s and conditioning, allowing your true self to be realised.


What happens in a session?

  • We will have a consultation and discuss the condition to be worked on.

  • If working remotely, we will arrange a time for you to be lying down.

  • The only thing you need to do is lie down in a comfortable position, you may like to cover yourself with a blanket.

  • Remain lightly focused on the issue you have, do not mentalise it, rather keep it in the background with that intention of resolution.

  • If you feel yourself in the mind, then come back and focus on the heart region, gently following your breath.

  • I will let you know when the session has finished or if working remotely will send you a message with some feedback.

    Group classes are conducted locally in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire or remotely worldwide.

® VortexHealing is a registered service mark of R.Weinman vh trust. All rights reserved.Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit their website



"If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart”

-   Buddha -



Further details….

Sessions last 75 mins and 2-4 sessions are generally required in order to release deeper conditioning.
A single session is available and conditioning can start to be released here too.
Let’s chat to see what is suitable for you.

Prices start from £90 for a private session (in person or distant).
Discount for block of 4 sessions 10% all sessions to be take within 6 weeks.
Discounts for Vortexhealing practitioners for individual sessions only
Group sessions vary from £18.50-33.00
Discounts for Nourish Thy Self facebook group for group sessions