Join us at G Live, London Rd  Guildford, 30th March 19

Join us at G Live, London Rd
Guildford, 30th March 19


Yoga Nidra

A powerful sleep based meditation technique


Yoga Nidra

This ancient technique is designed to take you out of the thinking mind into a state of stillness, dropping down into the inner states of consciousness. It is when the body is fully relaxed that natural healing of the body can take place.

Yoga Nidra promotes mental peace and physical relaxation, much needed in this over stimulated world.

Allow yourself to melt into the floor, during this guided meditation.



  • Helps with reduction of stressful feelings and thoughts, maintaining a level of calm and
    peace that can flow into everyday life.

  • Physical tensions are melted away

  • Promotes deep restful sleep at night or with power naps, as well as leaving you feeling
    refreshed upon waking.

  • Revitalises the energy system, allowing Prana to flow throughout leaving you feeling re-energised

  • Assists in releasing samskara’s (mental groves) which are repetitive thoughts or habits that deepen overtime creating these groves. These impressions can cause negative reactions in the body & mind. Helping to let go of these allows a new way of being to arise.

  • As a pathway to freedom (liberation / awakening), this includes releasing samskara’s and conditioning, allowing your true self to be realised.



You don’t need to do anything but….

The only thing you need to do is lie down in a comfortable position, with a blanket covering you and some like to wear an eye mask. That’s all, how nice is that.
Remain still throughout listening to the sound of my voice as I take you through a guided meditation deeper and deeper down into states of consciousness.

Some people go so deep that they have no recollection of the meditation, whether you do or don’t this is still working.

The Yoga Nidra session will last between 45 - 60 mins, some sessions can be shorter in 25-35 minutes as a boost. Classes are conducted locally in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, individual sessions are tailored and personalised which can be more powerful.

Yoga Nidra group sessions - contact Nuala for further details

45 minute sessions
Yoga Nidra individual sessions - distant £65
Yoga Nidra group sessions - distant - £20

Yoga Nidra